Sell Your Unwanted Vehicle - Dead or Alive!
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At U-Pull U-Save Auto Parts we will purchase your unwanted vehicle. Need it towed? No problem, we'll tow it for free. Won't start? No problem. Or, drive it in and we will give you our best possible price.

Is your yard littered with wrecked or unwanted cars, trucks, vans or other vehicles? Let us help you to remove those unwanted vehicles! We accept all makes and models, and we offer the most competitive prices for vehicles in the area.

We make the process simple. Our experienced staff will assist you with all the necessary DMV procedures and paperwork. We even assist you with cars that you want to donate for tax deduction purposes. Get in touch with us today to learn more about removing and recycling those vehicles that are constantly in your way.

Clean out your garage for cash!

Clean out your garage for cash!

Some used auto parts have a "core" value. This means the auto part has a value as either a rebuildable part or as a recyclable part. Here is a list of the used parts that we currently purchase at U-Pull U-Save and the price paid for each. We buy the following auto parts for scrap:



  • Radiators, alternators and starters—$2 each
  • Aluminum wheels (wheel only, no tire)—$8 each
  • Batteries—$7 each
  • Engines and transmissions (must be drained)—$15 each
  • Catalytic Converters—up to $100 each









Whether you are looking to have an eyesore removed from your yard or that "project" car that hasn't moved in years. We can help. Call the folks at U-Pull U-Save Auto Parts today.