Clean out your garage for cash!

Some used auto parts have a "core" value. This means the auto part has a value as either a rebuildable part or as a recyclable part. Here is a list of the used parts that we currently purchase at U-Pull U-Save and the price paid for each. We buy the following auto parts for scrap:

  • Radiators, alternators and starters—$2 each
  • Aluminum wheels (wheel only, no tire)—$8 each
  • Batteries—$7 each
  • Engines and transmissions (must be drained)—$15 each
  • Catalytic Converters—up to $100 each

Whether you are looking to have an eyesore removed from your yard or that "project" car that hasn't moved in years. We can help. Call the folks at U-Pull U-Save Auto Parts today.